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PCIHIPAA is a ‘compliance as a service company’ (CAAS) that specializes in helping medical practices navigate the complexities of PCI and HIPAA compliance. PCIHIPAA promotes the protection and security of sensitive data, while also helping healthcare practices safeguard against auditing and penalties associated with failing to meet HIPAA compliance standards.


Despite scaling up their sales operations, PCIHIPAA’s turnover had accelerated over time. The leadership identified the need to define new revenue-generating distribution through technical integrations with third-party tools and platforms. Sidebench was enlisted to work with the executive team to identify high growth opportunities that the team could execute on. The team crafted a project to help PCIHIPAA understand how customer business needs intersected with PMS platform integration opportunities. In order to carry out the strategic engagement, we focused on the following question:

How can Sidebench help PCIHIPAA better understand customer interests and unmet needs on the current PCIHIPAA platform, while exploring PMS channel partnership opportunities from a business and technical feasibility perspective?


  • Streamline the existing ‘OfficeSafe’ product, which was a fragmented and disjointed experience.
  • Define the features that mattered most to the core customer base, and focus on creating high value experiences within these features.
  • Improve the administrative features of the product to streamline key activities that synergize with practice management.


Our thorough research on the demand and business case for Practice Management Software (PMS) Partnerships with subject matter experts, along with the technical feasibility and competitive landscape analysis on integration opportunities, helped us better understand the need, feasibility, and scalability of the product. The user experience research revealed critical consumer insights and helped us pinpoint the root causes of PCIHIPAA’s increasing churn rates.

Using our research findings, we presented our strategic recommendations. These included a shift to a more user-centric sales model, as well as a long term product strategy consisting of recommendations for an improved core product offering and future PMS integration. We are now in the continuous discovery process to establish a product roadmap and improve the UX/UI of their core product, OfficeSafe.