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Red Bull Photo Booth

Relive the experience

Red Bull hosts nearly 1500 events each year. To produce a photo booth experience at those events, they were using multiple vendors. Working with various entities at different events around the world was costly, inefficient, and not internationally scalable for a global, enterprise brand.

Business Case

Sidebench set out to help Red Bull build their own photo booth technology and photo booth enclosures in order to:

? Avoid expensive licensing fees and save money in the long run
? Create a consistent and internationally scaleable product experience
? Drive Red Bull social media engagement
? Connect social graph data with consumer buying data
? Have a product that was easy to customize, setup and break down


Flexible iPad and Admin Portal

After months of collaboration, we created a photo booth experience that Red Bull Wings team members can easily set up on a desktop and then execute on site with only an iPad. The flexible setup allows Red Bull to create unique, cost-effective and shareable content for multiple events across the globe with relative ease.

While we continue to work with the Red Bull team to add new features and make improvements to the platform, our photo booth solution is now a staple at each Red Bull event. So far, it has traveled to more than 100 events, taken more than 10,000 photos and produced thousands of shares across multiple social channels.

“Prior to partnering with Sidebench, Red Bull’s photo
booth experience was supported by multiple photo booth vendors making it a complete headache — both financially and logistically.”

Kevin Yamazaki Sidebench CEO