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Sidebench is the #1 App & Software Development Company

Sidebench Logo

Sidebench Team

No. 1 Mobile App Developer, No.1 Software Developer, Top iphone app developer

We are thrilled to announce that?Sidebench?has been ranked again as the #1 Software Development and #1 Mobile App Development company in Los Angeles for 2018 by the leading agency review site,?Clutch.co!

In Clutch’s list of the top-ranked agencies and developers in LA, we were named as a leader in not just one, but?five?of their categories. We top the Leaders-Matrix in the following segments:

  • #1 Software Developers in Los Angeles
  • #1 Mobile App Developers in Los Angeles
  • #1 iPhone App Developers in Los Angeles
  • Top 5 UX Designers in Los Angeles
  • Top 5 Android App Developers in Los Angeles
Screen shot of the top custom software developers in LA with Sidebench as #1
Screen shot of the top app developers in LA with Sidebench as #1

Sidebench is honored to serve as partners to industry-leading companies across the US, consistently providing unique, innovative, and impressive solutions in and out of the healthcare space. Over the past year, we’ve announced our new healthcare-focused practice, expanded the team, taught design workshops at TMCx and Orlando Health, added new product strategy offerings, designed a workshop for persons with disabilities, and more. We see the world differently than others. And we’ll take the recognition as a validation of the way we do things. We’ re greatly appreciative of all the positive feedback we receive from our clients and enjoy working with each and every one of them to achieve their visions. Click?here?to read their reviews.

Sidebench is incredibly proud of the team for achieving this milestone and want to thank them for all their hard work.

Clutch is a B2B research, ratings, and reviews firm based in Washington, DC. Their annual report includes 140+ creative, design, and development companies in LA; each firm is evaluated on client feedback and reviews, their market presence, and their ability to deliver high-quality services. To see their?official rankings?and press release please click?here.